Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Book Launching Today!

Peering Through the Veil available Today

Visit this page, to order at AMAZON and then come back to get your gifts here:

It has been quite a journey transitioning from eBook publishing to print. Peering Through the Veil was completely rewritten and so many personal stories and new information was added that it shows little resemblance to its eBook predecessor.

The book isn't the only thing that had to undergo a transformation. I too have had to transform from being the editor of an online magazine and webmaster of numerous websites and blogs to being a published author with all that it entails.

This entire website is devoted to the book. I've had to update my press kit and prepare for interviews. Setting up an Amazon Author page was a new experience. Connecting with other authors and putting together a book launch has been a delightful new adventure unto itself.

It was very fun dusting off my industrial engineering skills and putting them to good use for managing the "project" of book publishing, launch, and promotion. Using a PERT chart to view my business visually and put together a Gantt chart to brainstorm, manage, and track the project has kept me sane handling all the details.

I often talk about riding the wave. This one has been quite a ride so far and its really just the beginning.

There are several more books in the works and in a few months I'll be launching an online training program. Soon I'll be co-leading workshops locally, with traveling to teach not far behind. I'm working on a giant project with a colleague in Hawaii and can't wait to share it with you when the time is right.

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