Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Beginning Each Day in a Natural Way to Improve Health and Reduce Stress

Beginning Each Day in a Natural Way

Starting your day this way will improve health and reduce stress. Find out how.

How do you start your day?

I begin my day before 6 a.m. - before anyone else is awake in my household. I intend to wake up that early and I do so without an alarm clock.

I sit in silence ...

I go to our outdoor nature sanctuary and do yoga sun salutes. The fountain is running. The sun is rising. The birds are singing. And I meditate or write or walk around and touch the flowers.

I communicate with nature. I sit upon mother earth. I observe what is around me. I drink in the beauty. And I am free.

I feel gratitude, love and joy. All is good in my world. I have no stress. I have no worries. And my day proceeds the same. 

I've starting my day in a way that improves health and reduces stress.

Lets contrast that with the typical North American morning:

A very obnoxious sound jolts you out of your dream state. Depending on how deep in dreaming you were, it feels like you've been slammed back into your body.

You head for the kitchen to start the coffee and turn on the news along your way.

Soon its a hustle and bustle getting ready for work - whether its just you or an entire house full.

It's frantic.

It's a frenzy.

Something in the newspaper or on the news catches your attention and you contemplate the horror - and consciously or subconsciously you experience fear - and your underlying belief that planet earth isn't safe is reinforced. 

The fear of your inability to control what is happening in the world - that feeling of being a helpless victim - along with the stress of being jarred out of bed and the rush of the day creates physical stress. And stress creates contraction.

Contraction constricts flow - whether it is the flow of communication and fluids inside the body or the natural flow of the universe where
  • health,
  • joy,
  • prosperity, and
  • fun
are the natural order of things.

Contraction causes you to shut down your ability to see options.

You feel stuck.

When faced with challenges on any front - be it deadlines at work, financial headaches, health problems, or communication issues with a loved one, you can't see the million opportunities and potential solutions because you haven't slowed down, become fully present in the now, and released the contraction.
If you want to improve health, you must reduce stress.

When there is expansion, there are "Infinite Possibilities."

Which just happens to be a great training program by a guy who also plays a part in my morning routine.

You can argue and say that your entire household is up by 6 a.m., so this couldn't possibly work for you. And I'll say, "When I worked in the corporate world I got up at 4 a.m. to do yoga and meditate and enjoy silence. And then I was out the door by 6 a.m.  


You are either dedicated to your own happiness and well being or you are not.

You are either willing to take actions to improve health and reduce stress or you are not.

I doesn't take long for it to become an easy natural thing that you greatly look forward to. 21 days makes a habit.

And its well worth it.

This practice will greatly assist you in letting go of contraction and opening up to possibilities. Releasing stress improves the body and the mind. So find a quiet spot and greet the sun.

You can make indoors a nature sanctuary if you must. Add a fountain. Play nature sounds on your stereo - birds singing, waves on the shore. Have a live plant in the room. Make sure it is quiet and undisturbed. Look out the window to enjoy the sunrise or view a tree.

And enjoy the Spirit of Nature. You, and your body, will be glad that you did.


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