Meditation Intensive

With Takara (Beginning in October)

I designed the Peering Through the Veil Meditation Intensive specifically to enhance and accompany my new book, Peering Through the Veil: The Step by Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace

The purpose of the intensive is to go significantly deeper into meditation, healing, and stepping into your magnificence. 

In this intensive, you will receive:
  • four (4) live meditation training / Q&A calls with me
  • four (4) powerful audio guided meditations recorded in my voice
  • a meditation journal 
In each weekly meditation call, I will personally guide you through the transformational world of meditation. Each week I will teach you a new aspect of meditation and answer any questions that come up as you read the book, listen to the training calls, or practice meditation on your own. Each week I will also guide you through a new and deeper meditation / activation. In case you can't make the call, they will all be recorded and available for you to download or listen to online.
The meditation audios include guided meditations for healing, achieving your dreams, higher wisdom, and connecting more deeply with your true Magnificent Self. Along with my harmonically resonant voice, each meditation includes the amazing healing deep theta sounds of my dear friend, Jonathan Goldman, who so graciously agreed to include them here for you.

Theta is where all the magic happens. It is where I go each day in meditation and where I suggest you spend most of your meditation time as well. These meditation audios will take you there effortlessly.

The meditation journal is the perfect place to record each of your meditation experiences, along with any insights,  revelations, images, or "things to do" that you receive while meditating. 

  $144.00 - Meditation Intensive

Dancing Dolphin Meditation Support    

Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing roll-ons and mists to enhance your meditations (Meditation, Shaman’s Dream, Grounding, Violet Flame, Magnificent Clearing Mist and Magnificent Protection Mist)

The roll-on Meditation was designed specifically to accompany Peering Through the Veil and to assist you in achieving and maintaining the tranquil state necessary to enjoy deep meditation. Shaman’s Dream helps you experience more vivid meditation experiences. Grounding allows you to feel less spacey and disoriented after a meditation, which can happen with certain powerful types of meditation. Violet Flame is for purification and clearing disharmonious energies, transmuting them with the Violet Flame.

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